On the six

Hair-Action Womens Hair Alison.2 – Coal


Simplicite– Chanel pendent [GOLD]

ISON -One button blazer – (champagne)

Ble$$ed– Luxury Gold Oyster Perpetual

Vive9– Chain Illusion Leggings-Blue

Shoes-LC-Night Lolita [Nude]

[M]-Lashes  ( I wear 4 lashes to make them fuller)

MONS– Big  Bangle dore&gradia

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About Jada Kolda

The names Jada, Jada Kolda. My style is eternal. I love colors and i'm not afraid to wear them , I live,eat and sleep fashion its not what i do its who i am. Riot Throne represents who i am Chic,Vintage and edgy..stay tuned and watch my Throne. -Muahhhhh

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