Bombs Over Baghdad

Hey LoveMuffins!!! Today i bring you a special treat a collab with one of my favorite blogs! Make sure to check out

Thank you so much Tris it’s always wonderful when bloggers get together

and sure their love for fashion and style and as we all can see yours is effortless

(Picture was edited by Tristion Paine please visit his blog for his credits)

TonkTastic – Beret

Hair-Vive Nine-Head Games Noir (Collab88)

Simple Things -Dog Tags (Army)

Jacket-UFO-hakuna matata – khaki – bottom

RYCA-Necklace-WRP Gold

Skirt-STICKY FINGERS– My black neon

ISON – girl panic boots (brown)

L.Fauna lipstick red 3

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About Jada Kolda

The names Jada, Jada Kolda. My style is eternal. I love colors and i'm not afraid to wear them , I live,eat and sleep fashion its not what i do its who i am. Riot Throne represents who i am Chic,Vintage and edgy..stay tuned and watch my Throne. -Muahhhhh

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