Maybach Music

I try to love ‘em in the physical not literal, she said she love me but what I’m feeling is minuscule”

Itgirl-Florrie Eyeshadow-Smokey

Tsg-Light Pink-Lipgloss

Cliche-Nikita- Yellow

Fanatik– My beaded wrap turquoise/yellow

Ryca-Lil nose piercing

Mons-Big Bangle Dore And Fur

R.icielli– Papi Jumpsuit (MESH!)

Mandala-Senjyu/Gold Earrings

Vive Nine-Head Games in Noir (Collab88)

Ricielli– Mesh TDR – YUSE Bag – Sweet Yellow

Bless– Luxury Gold Oyster Perpetual

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About Jada Kolda

The names Jada, Jada Kolda. My style is eternal. I love colors and i'm not afraid to wear them , I live,eat and sleep fashion its not what i do its who i am. Riot Throne represents who i am Chic,Vintage and edgy..stay tuned and watch my Throne. -Muahhhhh

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