Dream Chasers.

” They say they down for the TEAM but playin two damn sides

And ain’t a damn thing changed but the bezels on my Rollie

and the diamonds in my chain “-  Meek Millz

Jada Kolda

Hair-69– MIA – Platinum Blonde 2

Top-Lethal Couture-Triangle Bustier  (NEW)

Pants:Ricielli-Summer Minishorts //Etinical II (Mesh) Culture.Shock

Shoes:-Vanilla Wedge -(Black)

Accessories- FZaPP -(NEW!)

Gloves-The Secret Store– Beeswax

AiRemidey Lyre

Top: Normak -{MESH} Jersey Tank (Coming Soon!)
Shorts: PaperBag. Denim
Shoes: HOC Industries – Thigh boot
Hair: Tuty – electric bob – platinum
Glasses: DDL-(raining inside 2)
Bracelets: DDL-(manic monday)
Bag: Azoury-Le Sac (rouge)
Necklaces: BLESSED
Shirt Collar: Normak-WorkerCollar (coming soon)


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