Eskalaviah Ninosqa is back!

                                                                                                                                                        Eskalaviah Ninosqa is back!

Thank you bighead! Ladies and Gentleman make sure to check out

Jada Kolda

Delish– One Piece Swimsuit-Watermelon (FREE)



Mandala-Leather feather earrings [Gold]

Necklace-Mandala-Sinra [Gold]

Paper Couture– Polished Sones Ring [Orange]

Paper Couture-Spring Mutli Bracelet

Id.Anime eyes [Blue ]

Deetalez -Prim Teeth

Quivon Dash

Zone3-Chicago bullz snapback x [10z]

Cheerno-Glasses . Marley Crocodile Lens

Ble$$ed-Vintage Chanel Gold Chain

Shade Throne– Machang watch [snow]

Freeks & Geeks– Pharaoh tattoos [faded] (NEW!)

Pants- Mayway– Beach Shorts- [Grey Camo] MESH (New!)


Cheerno– Babucha Wind [ White ]

Cheerno– EcoBag-Trust No Bicth

This song has been on replay for a week love it!


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