Hey guys! I have missed you all so so so so so much but i have been enjoying my real life so much and I’ve been neglected my second life 😦 and for that i am sorry and i promise to make more posts!

I was down in Chinatown when i ran into Miss.Olivieri and decided to go shopping for the evening oh such fun its always nice when two gals can get together and enjoy a day of shopping! Riot Throne thanks Harlee for this beautiful collab for her style card please visit her blog Cruel Religion and make sure to follow as well! -Jada<3

Jada Kolda

Skin- Essences– Moana Medium (Love this skin!)

Shoes-KIM-Monnde Mesh Platform Heels (Red)

Hair- Action– Alexis – Light Ombre

Essences– PST! Blue Shorts

Paperbag- Blackout Bodysuit (Fi*Friday)

Snapback-Ble$$ed-Bulls Special edition Floral (My favorite snapback)

Necklace-Fzapp– Necklace Pecola  Gold/silver

DDL-The NN Braclet (Black/Gold) (Red/Gold)

Grayscale -Fishnet Shorts (Fi*Friday) (These are  my favorite item right now!)

“Imma ruin you CUNT”


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