Watch The Throne.

For those of you that may not know i am releasing my magazine Throne next week.

Throne will only be available at Harmony City!

Last night was the pre -release launch party. Any one that knows me

knows i am not a dressy dressy type of girl but i fell in love with this beautiful

gown from Meghindo‘s her gowns are breath taking and i don’t want to ever take it off!

Make sure if you haven’t already to stop by and check out the lovely designs!

Hair-Vive9– Ironed in Jet (deeproots)

Meghindo-Carmen Gown

Meghindo-D&G Steel Corset

Yummy-Moonsung Necklace –Collab88}(Sliver)

7891– The Life Ring(Gold)

B l e u-Chained Rings(Sliver)

La Primitif– Summer in Miami Clutch (Red)

Make-up- Handmade


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