Hey Ladies! Thought i’d let you guys in a bit of my personal life

and do a post with my boyfriend Skeem. Hope you like it !

Make sure to check out his music!




Hair-KUTZ– Fade

Snapback- Remorse – Washington Nationals

Jacket-Entente– Saint Manteau Jacket(Burgundy)

Pants-NSB– Vince Jeans (Black)

Shoes: Zone 3– Jz 13z

Bracelets-Ryca-Ballin Black

Watch-Ryca – G Black

Face Tattoo- Aitui-Tear Drops 01 /Colourable Face Tattoo

Ear Rings-Laced Fresh – Studs Square(Gold)




Hair-Wasabi- Veconica(Mesh)

Dress-Vive9– Spider Strapy Mini (Burgundy)

Shoes-Cliche-Nikita (Yellow)

Handbag- TDR– Special Vintage Bag (Green)

Earrings-Mandala-Sinra (Gold)

Rings-B l e u– Chained Ring (Gold) FAV. ITEM

Lipstick-Handmade-Lola Lipstick (Nude Base)

Eye Shadow-Handmade-Smokey(Black)

“She do anything necessary for him, and i do anything necessary for her, So don’t let the necessary occur. Yep!”



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