Cunt Queen

All queens think they fierce, All queens ain’t me!



Skin- Meghindo’s– Kim

Shape- Custom made by me :>

Hair- Lelutka– Lohan(Pitch) {Modied}

Paperbag– Crop Top 2.0 Fangs

Jacket- Aoharu– Tailored Short Jacket(Stripe/Black)

Leggings-Paperbag– Lycra Jeggins 2

Shoes-Lethal-Plateau Bootie(Mauve)  NEW!! (Swagfest)



FZAPP– 3 Clock Max Mesh

FZAPP– Belt Arames Sliver

Make up

Vive Nine- Thick Liner In Black (Group Gift)

Lips-CO57– Yung Rapunxel (Coming Soon!!)





Dress-DDL– I Feel Fine(Rose_

Shoes-Lethal-Plateau Bootie (Rust) {Swag Fest}


B l e u– Gold Lock Bracelet

Ryca– Hoop Earrings (Gold)

FZAPP– Sexy Bomb Bracelet(Gold)

Nails-Leverocci – FireworkGlitter


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