Pour it up!



Hair- Shi– Giabi- (Jet Black)

Rain coat- Shi– Plastik (Black)

Jumper Suspender Set –Lethal-(Ash)  [Whore Couture]

April Top-Lethal (Cocaine) [Whore Couture]

Block Socks-Lethal (Black)  [Whore Couture]

Shoes- HOC– Thigh boots (Black)


Shi– Leather Gloves (Black)

Glasses-Lethal– Chanel Circular Half Shades( Noir Gold)  [Whore Couture]

Earrings-Ryca– Gold Hoops

Necklace-Mandala– Sinra (Gold)



Hair- Emo-tions-Legend(Modied)

Top-Lethal– Bralette (Ash)

Jacket-Sabotage– Shoulder Blazer( Acanthus)


Shoes-DirtyMind -Xania Boots (Golden)


Handbag-DDL– The Godmother II (Black)

Necklace-Ryca– Inspired Lion (Gold)


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