Picasso Baby!

Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa
The modern day version with better features
Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner
Go ‘head, lean on that shit D, you own it

On Skeem:

Shades- Reek – Park Shades

Shirt-Villena-Denim Shirt [Black]

Jeans-Balkanik-Evuza Jeans[Black]

Shoes- Benjaminz– Revolt Boots – [Sesame Chicken]

On Jada:

 Renegade-Studded Devil Ear Beanie Explicit

Shades-Shade Throne

Lipstick-Meghindo’s-Julietta-Purple Matte

Fur/Shirt-Gizza-Spiky Tank And Fur

Bra-Meghindo’s-May Lingerie

Skirt-Devour-Ribbed Latex Skirt[Black]

FD-Satchel[Brown] (Collab88)

Shoes-DirtyMind-Gia Platform Sandals


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